Information Systems Engineering Degrees

Information Systems Engineering focuses on the process by which information systems are designed, developed, tested, and maintained. The technical origins of information systems engineering can be traced to conventional information systems design and development, and the field of systems engineering. Information systems engineering is by nature structured, iterative, multidisciplinary, and applied. It involves structured requirement analyses, functional modeling, prototyping, software engineering, and system testing, documentation, and maintenance.

Jobs and Salaries

Systems engineering extends over the entire life cycle of systems, including requirement definitions, functional designs, development, testing, and evaluation. Graduates of an information systems engineering program may find themselves designing databases, establishing the standards of a system, or operating, testing, designing, integrating and planning information systems for an organization. There are many diverse, fun and rewarding careers open to graduates of this degree program. Graduates can expect to make, on average, around $76,000.

Degree Requirements

Systems engineering is based upon the traditional skills of the engineer combined with additional skills derived from applied mathematics, psychology, management, and other disciplines. Degree-specific courses cover a range of information content and information systems architecture topics, but will also include such concepts as distributed systems, information security, project management, entrepreneurial thinking and interpersonal communication. Graduates are prepared to design effective information systems, develop efficient computer and communications networks, conduct complex systems analysis, create sophisticated decision support systems, and understand the costs and trade-offs of system options. The degree may be completed in 4 years and may require prior work experience as an engineer to enroll depending on the program.

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Northcentral University MBA – Engineering Management Northcentral University – Northcentral University is a provider of several online, accredited degree and diploma programs that focus on bringing flexibility and convenience to students. These programs can be completed from home, school, or even on-the-go. The engineering degree available from NU allows students to fill management positions in the engineering and technology fields.
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