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The Egyptian Pyramids, Roman aqueducts, and Mayan Temples were built by the civil engineers of their day, and the job description hasn’t changed much since then. But the educational requirements have changed, into a four year bachelor’s program.

Jobs & Salaries

Civil engineers help plan, design, and build our cities from the roads, to dams, to power plants, and water systems. They create the complex systems that give us power, gas, water, hospitals and homes. It’s a broad umbrella that really describes a group of architectural, structural, geo-technical and other types of engineers. With an average wage of just over $82,000, civil engineers make a good living with those working for the Federal Government making the most at $87,000. While most civil engineers are employed by city, state and federal agencies, there are also many private sector opportunities, especially with oil and gas extraction. Job applicants with a Master’s degree are usually preferred.

Degree Requirements

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the first step towards professional certification. Since these degrees are highly sought after, applicants may need excellent grades from high school or previous colleges to be accepted into the engineering program. Coursework includes chemistry, physics, mathematics, design, and lab work.

Civil Engineering Degrees Online

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Norwich University Master of Civil Engineering Norwich University – Norwich University prides itself on its commitment to excellence in providing education that follows contemporary techniques and standards. The industry-driven curriculum allows students to successfully fill high-demand positions upon graduation. Students can take online course in order to obtain a Masters of Civil Engineering degree.
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Northcentral University MBA – Engineering Management Northcentral University – Northcentral University is a provider of several online, accredited degree and diploma programs that focus on bringing flexibility and convenience to students. These programs can be completed from home, school, or even on-the-go. The engineering degree available from NU allows students to fill management positions in the engineering and technology fields.
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