25 Q&A Sites for Engineers

You don’t have to be studying for an online engineering degree to have a question regarding the topic. Everything from a mousetrap to the very device you’re reading this on had expert engineers working on their development and implementation. Whether interested in pursuing a career as an engineer or need a weekend project for the gadget lover in you, questions on engineering can be as varied as their answers.

If you’re in the need for some engineering know-how, have a look at the below 25 Q&A sites for engineers. They can help connect you with professional engineers, professors, weekend engineers, and much more.

Q&A Sites for Engineers

  1. MIT Engineering
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a leader in educating some of the leading engineers in the field. In this special section of their School of Engineering, you can browse through a series of questions submitted by visitors to the site and answered by MIT Engineering faculty. Both questions for those in the know and those outside engineering, such as “Will Cars be Able to Drive Themselves,” are tackled.

  2. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Got an engineering question for air or space? Then visit the AIAA to read many user submitted questions and answers, or send in one of your own. Everyone from K-12 students to practicing engineers is welcome to participate.

  3. Ask @ Engineering
    Simply choose an engineering arena from aerospace to transportation to get started with the Q&A here. In addition to answering puzzling questions, you can also get fun and challenging items just for the engineer. The site also has videos, job information, blogs, and a library.

  4. Physics Forums
    Similar to the above, this is an active forum with many sections, including one for engineers. Thousands of threads and posts are on general engineering, systems and design, mechanical engineering, and even nuclear. The main site also has more.

  5. Try Engineering
    This is a portal about engineering and related careers. It is intended to help young people understand better what engineering means and how an engineering career can be made part of their future. There are many sections, lesson plans, and even the option to send your questions in to an expert.

  6. Adafruit Industries
    They feature a weekly show on electrical engineering that you can participate in. Join other engineers as they build amazing products out of regular household items, such as the solar powered. There are also loads of how-to’s and much more.

  7. Gearslutz
    Get a more one on one experience here. These engineering forums are visited by students and career engineers on a regular basis. This particular section features all the Q&A sessions with expert engineer Phil Brown.

  8. Ask the Engineer
    This Q&A form is brought to you buy ARK Engineering and Technical Services, Inc. Simply fill in the form to send in your questions. They specialize in electrical interference analysis and mitigation design, as well as mitigation system installation.

Q&A Blogs for Engineers

  1. Crazy Engineers
    Their goal is to unite engineers across the world. Experts stop by regularly to update the blog and homepage. Be sure not to miss the forums with much more for your Q & A needs.

  2. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog
    Don’t let the name fool you. John Hunter’s blog may sound suited for a child, but his expertise in engineering is fit for readers of any age. He focuses on technology, research, education, gadgets, and plenty of DIY entries.

  3. Knovel Blog
    Share ideas on engineering information and productivity on this blog. Knovel is a web based application used by many engineers and scientists in Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of universities. Learn more about what it does, as well as some of the discoveries it has made, on the blog.

  4. Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners
    Don’t know the difference between the black wire and the white one? Then stop here to get Donny’s tips for electrical engineers at all levels. Must reads on the blog include an electrical engineering syllabus, jobs, and even the board exam.

  5. Joel on Software
    Software engineering has been a popular arena since the earliest days of Windows. Joel Spolsky continues in that tradition with over one thousand articles sure to answer any questions on software engineering. He even has a Top Ten list which includes “Things You Should Never Do.”

  6. The Art of Engineering
    Thought of as just a science, engineering becomes an art in this blog. Duncan Drennan spreads ideas on engineering and the environment via his blog. Creating a better, cleaner world is the goal.

  7. Engineering Science
    This blog is part of Phd.org, where all grad students can stop by to get help and answers to their questions. Everything from education to engineering policy is discussed here.

  8. Science and Engineers for America
    If your first question is how much is a membership to the SEA, your first answer is “free.” They encourage all Americans, not just engineers, to become informed participants in society. Read about their latest studies, research, and much more on how engineering affects everyday life.

Specific Q&A Sites for Engineers

  1. Engineer Girl
    Who says engineering is just for boys? This site takes a special look at the profession with the female student in mind. You can learn more about a career as an engineer as well as read profiles of true life women engineers. You can also enter the essay contest, get fun facts, and more on becoming an engineer.

  2. Machine Design
    Learn everything about machines from toasters to tablets on this site. Categories include basics of engineering design, hydraulics, materials, safety, and many others. You can also get eBooks and a video library.

  3. Ocean Engineering
    Chris Baxter and James Miller bring you a blog all about engineering under and over the sea. They often feature ocean engineering items in the news along with their commentary.

  4. Civil Engineering
    Learn everything there is to know about civil engineering, including construction and project management, on this site. They have the latest codes, insurance, safety, and other information. You can even get help making bids and estimates.

  5. Twitter Engineering
    Micro-blogging sensation Twitter is now being taken on by engineers. Actual engineers from the company stop by to share tips for utilizing the site and other related areas. There are also tips for keeping your account safe, maximizing your computer, and much more.

  6. Engineering Ethics
    As with everything, ethical implications are always a must know. Kaydee works as a consulting engineer and professor at Texas State University. Stop by for both questions and answers for engineering from an ethical perspective.

  7. Engineering Exchange
    Want to learn how to make a real Wall-E robot? This and the answers to many of your other design engineering questions can be answered here. Design World offers many other resources on their main site as well.

  8. EE Web
    Get an online electrical engineering community here. Over a dozen experts range from design engineers to directors of research. Stop by to read what they have to say, or query the many other users in the forum.

  9. Chair Force Engineer
    Get the blog of an actual aerospace engineer here. Mr. X takes on one of the major players in aerospace engineers, The Air Force, in his blog. The recent end of shuttle missions was the latest topic.

And the above 25 Q&A sites for engineers is just the beginning. With sites, blogs, and forums constantly being updated, there is literally no end to the questions and answers you can come across.